Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

2 Important Facts About Your Visit With An Endodontist

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If you have been seeing your dentist for a while and have never had any complaints, it is often tempting to stay with the same person for more advanced dental care such as root canals. However, it is a better idea to see a specialist for the major problems, such as an endodontist who has more experience with your particular issue. An endodontist has received the same basic education as a standard dentist and then spent at least two more years learning about root canals, dental implants and significant dental traumas.

A Root Canal Does Not Have To Be Painful

If you are like many people, it has been a while since you needed major dental work. One of the more unfortunate situations is seen regularly in dental offices. If your only experience with root canals was when your parent or sibling had one years ago, you may not know how effective the pain management techniques are in the modern dental office.

Sadly, many patients delay treatment and subject themselves needlessly to severe dental pain because they do not realize how simple a root canal can be. Your endodontist will typically be able to complete the treatment in just one or two visits and provide immediate pain relief. Today, it is common to be able to save the tooth after a root canal. 

You Could Need A Root Canal…And Not Know For Months

If you do not see a dentist each year as you should, you are not alone. A study in 2013 established that about a third of adults in the United States did not seek dental care. Unfortunately, the decision to delay dental care is often due to financial concerns.

However, by not accessing regular cleanings, x-rays and other pertinent dental services, cavities are obviously a big concern. It is important to remember that if you have a badly damaged tooth that needs a root canal; you may not know for some time. There are no nerve fibers in your teeth to process pain messages throughout your body. If you delay a dentist appointment, the internal decay within your teeth will continue.

The first time you notice dental pain could be when a tooth breaks, due to severe delay. Another could be when you suddenly experience gum pain, because the enamel has been destroyed and is now attacking the dentin. At that point, you will probably be in pain and a root canal is probable.

In conclusion, endontics is an important branch of dental medicine and has been responsible for improving the quality of life for many patients. If you need one or more root canals, do not remain in pain or allow your dental problem to worsen. Be sure to see an endodontist as soon as possible to restore the healthier, pain-free smile that you deserve.     

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