Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

How To Break Down A Dental Exam For A Child With Asperger's

Kenzi Thompson

If your child has high-functioning Asperger's, you may be wondering how you can get them to get in to see the dentist in as easy a way as possible. Getting them to the dentist is one part you want to make sure you do cautiously, but you also want to be sure the visit goes smoothly. This article will give you tips on making it easier to get your child to the dentist and tips on helping that visit go well. 

Visit the office ahead of time

Call the dental office and set up a time when they aren't busy and bring your child in for a visit. Let the staff know your child will more than likely want to spend some time looking at the equipment and taking it all in. Allow your child to bring their favorite toy or possession with them. Let them know what's going to happen and that they are only going in to see the office.

When you get to the office, allow them to ease into their surroundings. Let them touch things and wander around. Inform the staff to allow you to keep your child out of areas they aren't supposed to have access to and not to approach them without you.

Set up a short dental appointment

If your child needs to have detailed treatments that take a while, have the dentist break them up into separate appointments. It's going to be easier on them to go in for a number of short appointments than it will be to expect them to sit through one long appointment.

Take a few moments to instruct the dentist on how to best approach your child. Remind them that a child with Asperger's can get easily over-stimulated. This means the dentist should use as few tools as necessary and try to minimize the amount of noise. Also, if an assistant isn't absolutely necessary, it may be best to not have that extra person in the room.

The dentist (such as one from Wayne Pediatric Dental Care) should show each tool to your child and explain what they are going to do with it in a quiet and non-threatening manner. They should allow your child to touch the tool if they want to.

By following the steps in this article, you will see that your child will feel less overwhelmed when they go in for their dental exam. This will also make it easier for the both of you on future visits. 


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