Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Getting Dental Veneers Or Crowns? Speak Now And Forever Love Your Teeth

Kenzi Thompson

Hopefully you aren't receiving a veneer or crown due to an accident, since you want time to discuss a few things with your dentist before you have your veneers or crowns made.

Here's a list of 5 things you should bring up:

1. Color

What color do you wish your teeth could be? If you want super white teeth, let your dentist know prior to having your veneers or crowns made. They want to match your veneers or crowns as closely as possible, so you want to have your teeth whitened before they're crafted, unless your dentist recommends otherwise.

Even if you can't have teeth whitened prior to being fitted for veneers or crowns, you can select the color you would like your teeth to eventually be, and the dentist will craft a new tooth in that shade. It won't match right away, but will fit right in after you have your whitening procedures done.

2. Crowns or veneers

Your dentist should make the ultimate decision about which type of tooth enhancement is right for you. If you don't have a lot of cavities, your teeth aren't worn down, and you don't need a major reshaping of your bite, veneers will likely work just fine. Heavily-worn teeth will be stronger having crowns placed.

Your dentist can probably already tell if you're a tooth grinder or heavy chewer and may recommend crowns in that case. Let your dentist know about any other issues that could affect your dental work, such as hot or cold sensitivity, pain when eating certain foods, or persistent jaw pain.

3. Materials

The most authentic-looking materials are available today, including porcelain ceramic, resin, lithium disilicate, and zirconia. Your dentist will go over the pros and cons of each and how they might work or not for your specific dental situation.

4. Temporary

If your dentist is able to mill the teeth in the office, you may have your veneers or crowns in place the same day. If not, a dental laboratory will fashion the tooth to precisely fit your mouth and look like a real tooth.

Your dentist may partially prepare your teeth for the veneers or crowns prior to their completion by the lab, which may take up to 2 weeks. If you wish to have a temporary device made to cover your teeth during this interim, let your dentist know so they'll have the materials ready to make the temporary when you have your prep work done.

5. Post problems

In your follow-up visits, speak up about any wiggling, pain, tingling, numbness, or other problems you are having. Don't be shy about telling your dentist if you have any long-lasting, intense pain; swelling (beyond the slight bit that's normal after dental work); or bleeding from your gums or mouth after your dental work.

Speaking up is the responsible way to be a good dental patient and guarantee you'll always have a healthy mouth and a bright smile.


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