Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Three Criteria For Choosing A Family Dentist

Kenzi Thompson

When you choose a dentist for your family, you do not need to feel like you are obliged to go with the first dentist you visit. Instead, if one dentist's facility, training, or personality does not jibe with your family, you should feel free to take your family to a different dentist. Having some basic critters in mind when you visit or interview a dentist will help you to make an informed decision. 

Child-Friendly Waiting Area

One of the most nerve-wracking times for a parent when taking children to the dentist is waiting with children in the waiting area. If there are not enough toys, videos, games, books, etc. to keep your child busy, you end up trying to wrangle children who are simply looking for an outlet for their pent up energy and curiosity. It can be embarrassing to chase children down hallways, wrangle them as they jump from chair to chair, and otherwise run rampant around an office. Thus, you should make sure that whatever family dentist you visit designs their waiting area with the needs of children in mind. 

Child Friendly Exam Area

A second area that children can have a hard time with is the exam area. While an adult might be able to sit patiently in an exam area while waiting for the dentist to be free, a child can get restless. Some dentists will have TVs embedded in the ceiling to help entertain children, and other dentists will have gaming consuls available to children who can play their favorite game during most parts of a visite. Having something around to keep children busy and take their mind off of what is going on with their teeth can help to make a visit more pleasant for everyone involved.

Sedation Dentistry

Children are not the only ones who can have a hard time with trips to the dentist. If you or your children suffer from anxiety about going to the dentist, then you should look for a dentist who practices sedation dentistry. Because dentists have to go to additional training to be certified to use sedatives, not all dentists will offer sedation dentistry. On the other hand, a dentist who offers sedation can administer laughing gas only during harrowing procedures or anytime your nerves start to get the best of you. 

When you choose a dentist for your family, remember that every dentists is not just as good as every other. Taking time to vet dentists will help to make sure all family members enjoy trips to the dentist. Make sure you have specific criteria in mind so that you don't leave out any factors that should be weighed when deciding if a dentist (like Tony Parsley, DMD) is right for you. 


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