Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Why You Should Consider Getting Damon Braces

Kenzi Thompson

If you are gearing up for orthodontic treatment, ask your orthodontist about the possibility of getting Damon braces. The relatively new Damon braces, which are self-adjusting, can provide you with a host of benefits such as the following five:

They Are Virtually Invisible

Damon braces make use of clear brackets, which are less noticeable than the other brackets used with conventional braces. This means your Damon braces will be virtually invisible to many people; only those who look closely into your mouth will be able to see them. This is a great advantage to those who are self-conscious about wearing braces or don't like the looks of traditional braces.

They Reduce the Number of Trips to the Dentist

If you are one of those people who doesn't like going to the dentist, then you will love Damon braces. Because the braces adjust themselves automatically, you will be able to avoid the adjustment sessions that usually take orthodontic wears to their dentists.

They Accelerate the Treatment Time

Arguably, the best thing about Damon braces is the reduced treatment time they offer. Damon braces are able to do this because they are self-adjusting; you don't have to go to the orthodontist every time for adjustment as is the case with other braces. This means there is less complication from missed adjustment sessions. The constant adjustment also ensures a better fit and also contributes to faster treatment.

They Are More Comfortable

As explained above, Damon braces are constantly adjusting themselves without the need for constant adjustment from the orthodontist. This means they also fit better, which translates to greater comfort to you. The greater comfort is also possible because Damon braces don't create as much friction as conventional braces; the reduced friction means the teeth are able to move freely.

They Make Cleaning the Teeth Easy

Usually, brushing or flossing the teeth becomes difficult when you start wearing braces. This is unfortunate because conventional braces trap bits of food and even bacteria between the elastics and the surface of the teeth. This is one of the reasons you are advised to observe impeccable oral hygiene during the course orthodontic treatment. Since Damon braces eliminate the need for these ligatures, they don't trap oral debris and, therefore, make it easy to keep the teeth clean during the course of the treatment.

There are many other types of braces so you need to have a candid talk with your orthodontist before settling on one. Contact a dentist through resources such as Treman & Treman Family Dental Care.


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