Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Dental Implant Complications To Watch For

Kenzi Thompson

If you have had dental implants put in and you are dealing with discomfort, there may be a number of things going on. The reasons for the discomfort can range from minor to serious. Learning about the possible reasons can help you figure out what is going on, so you know how to best approach things and what to expect.

Having dental implants put in is considered to be a procedure with a recovery that includes some pain and discomfort. The process of having the implant put in your gum and fused to your jawbone isn't exactly pleasant. However, the dentist should give you something to help with this pain, so you can stay at a reasonably comfortable level when you take the medication. Once you are supposed to be coming off of the medication, you should also be at a point where the pain and discomfort have significantly lightened up. Pain that continues for too long, or that becomes worse with time, can mean one or more of the following issues may be occurring:

Infection: If the pain is also accompanied by red and/or inflamed gums, your gums are bleeding and/or you have a nasty taste in your mouth then you may have an infection. The infection should be taken seriously because it can spread and make you very ill. You will need to be put on a course of antibiotics to get over the infection. You want to be sure you take the antibiotics exactly how they were prescribed and that you finish the entire course, even if you start feeling better before you have taken them all.

Damage to a nerve: If you have pain that comes with a numb or tingling feeling in your gums, lips or other parts of your face, then you may have nerve damage that occurred during the surgery.

A healing cap is loose: If your healing caps aren't secured properly in place, then they can cause you to experience pain or pressure. They can be fixed so they will be better secured which can help with this feeling.

You have issues with your sinuses: If you feel pressure or discomfort in your upper jaw, then it may mean that your implants have put in in a manner where they are protruding into your sinus cavity, or that they are too close to it.

There is improper osseointegration going on: If the implant isn't bonding to the jawbone as it was expected to, then this can cause it to fit loosely, which can leave you with pain and discomfort from it moving around when it shouldn't do so.

Anytime you feel something isn't normal with your dental implant, it is important for you to go back in and have things checked out. Contact a company like Smile City for more information and assistance?


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