Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Things That Cause Teeth To Crack

Kenzi Thompson

If you wake up one morning with a cracked tooth, you might be puzzled as to why this happened. Teeth are strong, but they can crack, and there are certain things that will cause this to happen. Here are some of the reasons teeth crack, but there are others too.


As strong as a tooth is, a tooth is still breakable, and a tooth can break, or crack, from too much trauma. For example, if you are playing baseball and get struck in the mouth with the ball, the force from the ball could be enough to crack a tooth. This force could be enough to knock a tooth out too. If you have a cracked tooth and have experienced any type of major trauma to your mouth, this could be the reason your tooth is cracked.

Untreated decay

Leaving decay on a tooth can also lead to a cracked tooth. Decay is something that robs a tooth of its strength, and decay eats away at the surface of a tooth. If decay is left on a tooth too long, it can eat away at the tooth to the point where the tooth is not strong anymore. A tooth-like this is often so weak that it will crack from doing things that normally would not crack a tooth.

Clenching and grinding

People who clench and grind their teeth while they sleep often experience a greater risk of cracks in their teeth. Clenching and grinding put a lot of extra pressure on teeth, and when this habit continues for months or years, the pressure is often enough to crack some of the teeth.

Using your teeth for the wrong things

Finally, people can experience cracks in their teeth when they use their teeth in ways that teeth were not intended. Biting your nails is an example of a way people use their teeth in a way that teeth were not intended. If you are a nail biter, you have an increased risk of developing a crack in your teeth. You might also crack your tooth if you bite down on things that are too hard, or if you bite down on things that you should not bite on, such as using your teeth to open up a package.

If you have a cracked tooth, you should visit a dentist to get it fixed. To schedule an appointment, contact a dentist in your city today. 


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