Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Is Your Child Into Soccer? You May Need An Emergency Dentist At Some Point

Kenzi Thompson

Soccer is a great sport for your child to play because it is very athletic and will get them into shape very quickly. However, it is possible that they could suffer from injuries, such as a lost tooth, that needs to be managed right away. Thankfully, emergency dentists can help.

Teeth Injuries Are Very Common During Soccer

Soccer is one of those sports that is surprisingly more physical than many Americans realize. While Europeans understand just how much damage a player goes through (particularly those who don't take care of their teeth), it might come to a surprise to a parent of a young soccer player when their child takes a heavy check and takes a spill into the dirt.

And when your child takes a spill into the dirt, there is a good chance that one of their teeth could be loosened in their jaw and even fall out. Unfortunately, this is a dental emergency and should be treated as such by you and the coach and not laughed off as collateral damage caused by playing sports.

Emergency Dental Procedures Are Often Necessary

The moment your child loses a tooth (called an avulsion) during a soccer game, it is important to take charge of the situation. Stop the game and start looking for the tooth. There is a good chance that it was knocked out only a few feet away from the point of impact. With several players looking at the same time, it shouldn't be hard to find it.

Somebody on the team (like the coach) should put an ice pack on the injured area while you search to keep it from swelling. After you find the tooth, take your child out of the game and to an emergency dentist. If the tooth is healthy enough and lacks severe decay caused by poor dental practices, there is a chance that an emergency dentist can fix the situation.

For example, they may be able to put the tooth back into the jaw if you were quick enough with taking them to the dentist. And even if they can't, they can find a type of dental implant that will help to keep your child's jaw healthy and to help it keep its shape. Even one missing tooth can cause their jaw to change shape and make them look older.

So, if your soccer-playing child is injured in this type of accident, you should talk to an emergency dentist right way. You could just save their tooth and ensure that their dental health remains strong and consistent for years to come. For more information, contact a dental office like Cross Creek Family Dental.


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