Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

3 Things Dentists Want You To Know About DIY Toothpaste

Kenzi Thompson

A popular option for many people, when it comes to their oral care and hygiene, is to make toothpaste. The goal is to make a natural toothpaste or powder that will clean, whiten, and help remove bacteria that may cause odor. Though the tooth powders and paste get the job done, there are some things your dentist will want you to know before you start using these options exclusively. Here are three of those key things and what you need to know about each point.

Baking Soda Daily

One of the first things dentists may want you to know is about the daily use of baking soda. Baking soda can help with odor, bacteria, and with whitening your teeth. The issue is the abrasiveness of the baking soda itself. Though it cleans well, it can cause damage and break down of the enamel on your teeth when you use it daily. This means you could be causing an issue with your teeth making them sensitive to cold or hot foods. The sensitivity can cause pain and possible treatment issues that can become costly. Instead, consider using baking soda once or twice a week and using a less abrasive option such as oil pulling for daily care.

Lack of Minerals

A main ingredient in most store manufactured toothpastes is fluoride. Fluoride helps to prevent, or at least reduce, the chances of tooth decay. When this is removed from your DIY toothpaste or powder, it can open the door to tooth decay problems. Remember, cleaning is not necessarily enough depending on your diet and how often you are brushing your teeth. If you are not rinsing and brushing after each meal, the fluoride boost can be a great benefit. Your dentist can help you find an organic option that still has fluoride and other minerals without sacrificing the organic nature you may be looking for.

Coating on Teeth

An issue you may not be considering when you create your toothpaste or powder is the addition of oil. Most of the toothpastes that are DIY use an oil base of some kind. In many cases, the oil base is coconut oil. Though you are brushing this mixture on and off of your teeth, it doesn't necessarily rinse like a traditional toothpaste would. You may find that it is leaving a coating on your teeth. This coating may actually trap stains and bacteria during the day. Instead, consider creating a powder that does not include the oil additive.

Before you make the switch to a natural toothpaste or powder, especially a DIY option, visit your dentist. Depending on the health of your teeth currently, your dentist may make some other suggestions for ingredients or for an organic store bought option. If you have been using a DIY paste or powder already, consider visiting your dentist to make sure you are not causing damage to your teeth enamel or other issues with your oral health.


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