Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

5 Dental Health Tips For Preschoolers

Kenzi Thompson

Once your child reaches their preschool years, they will be eating solid foods and hopefully helping to brush their own teeth. This is the stage at which kids are soaking up information by the handful. Habits formed now will stick for the rest of their lives. So, how can you ensure your preschooler's teeth stay healthy now, and for the rest of their lives? Here are five dental health tips that are perfectly suited for kids at this stage.

Teach them how to brush their teeth.

At this stage, kids should not be left to totally brush their own teeth. But you should not just be brushing their teeth, either! Let your child experiment with brushing their own teeth, and as they do, offer them some tips and guidance to help improve their technique. For example, you can point out that they don't need to push so hard or that they need to spend more time on the back area.

Talk about healthy snacks.

Make sure the snacks you are giving your child are healthy for their teeth. String cheese, yogurt, fresh veggies, and fruits are good choices. As your child snacks on these foods, explain that they are good for your child's teeth. This way, your child will come to understand the importance of choosing good foods.

Encourage them to drink more water.

Especially if your child is still using a sippy cup, try steering them towards drinking more water and less sugary juice. Juice is high in sugar and can lead to cavities. Water, on the other hand, helps rinse sugar and bacteria off the teeth between brushing sessions, and tap water contains fluoride that helps build stronger tooth enamel. 

Take them to the dentist.

It's not too early to take your child to the dentist! Many dentists want to start seeing kids around the age of one, but the appointments during the preschool years are perhaps even more important. At these appointments, the dentist and dental hygienist will give your child tips and information about caring for their teeth. And this information is always a little more meaningful coming from an adult other than the parent.

Set a good example.

Children learn by watching, especially when they are in preschool. Set a good example for your kids by choosing tooth-healthy foods yourself, brushing your teeth regularly, and drinking water rather than soda or juice. Make sure your children are around to observe your behavior. 

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