Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Here's Why Getting Your Teeth Cleaned Before You Start Flossing Is Best

Kenzi Thompson

It's a classic trope: you make an appointment with a dentist and start taking better care of your teeth and gums in hopes that it can reverse months or even years of neglect. While it's always a good idea to floss, trying to introduce flossing into your routine at this stage might not be the best idea. Here's why you should get a professional cleaning before you start flossing.

Pain and Discomfort

One of the most common problems that people have when flossing is that it's uncomfortable. This actually isn't the case when your gums are healthy. In fact, flossing should be a quick and easy procedure that will only take a couple minutes of your time every time you do it.

Unfortunately, if you already have a buildup of plaque or have developed gum disease, this might not be the case. Floss hitting your gums could be quite uncomfortable and could even trigger bleeding.


Perhaps you're thinking that the discomfort is worth it, so long as it improves your oral health. Well, unfortunately, that's not entirely the case.

Flossing is effective at removing plaque and bacteria, which can help to ward off both tartar and gum disease. However, if you already have tartar, there isn't much that the floss can actually do for you.

Tartar is too hard a substance to be removed by a toothbrush, water flosser, or standard string floss. It can only be removed by a dentist or hygienist during a thorough cleaning. So while flossing can help to prevent the development of more tartar, you're not getting the full efficacy of flossing if you start after you've already developed lots of tartar or advanced gum disease.

Introduction of Bacteria

Finally, consider this: when your gums bleed, that blood is coming from somewhere. In short, it's like your gums have an open wound.

Now imagine the bacteria that's been running rampant with inferior at-home dental care. These bacteria can make it into the bloodstream and cause serious problems for your overall health. Doctors and scientists even think that there's a connection between dental bacteria in the bloodstream and problems like cardiovascular disease, so it's definitely not something you want to expose yourself to if you can help it.

At the end of the day, you definitely should floss. However, it's a good idea to get your cleaning done first. This will ensure that your flossing experience is easier, painless, and won't cause any additional problems for you. Contact dental offices like RTC Dental to make a teeth-cleaning appointment today.


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