Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Looking Into Dental Veneers? You May Have These Three Common Questions

Kenzi Thompson

Have you always dreamed of having teeth that are perfectly straight, have no gaps, and are a nice shade of white? If so, know that you don't need to get braces and teeth whitening to achieve this look. You can get the teeth you want by using dental veneers. If you are doing your research on veneers, you may have the following questions about them.

What Material Are Dental Veneers Created From?

There are two popular materials used for creating dental veneers, either porcelain or resin. Porcelain is a ceramic type material, while resin is a kind of plastic that is very durable. No matter what material you end up selecting, know that both are great choice for dental veneers. They'll look incredibly natural, and blend in seamlessly with your teeth.

Do You Need A Full Set Of Dental Veneers? If you have a small issue with your teeth that you want to fix, know that you don't have to get a full set of veneers to fix them. For example, if you want to hide a gap between your two front teeth, you can get veneers that just cover those teeth and close the gap. Your dentist will match the veneers to the color of your existing teeth, so they will blend in perfectly. The material will also change in color over time, so you don't have to worry about your surrounding teeth becoming discolored while your veneers remain white.

Can Dental Veneers Be Removed?

Dental veneers cannot be removed once they are placed on your teeth. They will become a permanent fixture of your mouth that you need to maintain over the years. Taking them out is not possible as if they are dentures, since the front surface of the teeth will be roughened to create a surface that the veneers are attached to using dental cement. If the veneers fall off for some reason, it will leave the surface of your teeth with enamel that has been removed, and you'll need to have the veneers put back on your teeth to protect them.

Will Dental Veneers Last a Long Time?

Expect to get around 20 years out of veneers before they need replacement. Replacement may be necessary because the veneers have become discolored faster than your surrounding teeth, the veneers are becoming loose, or the veneers are damaged and no longer create the look that you want.

Contact a dental clinic with any further questions you have about veneers.


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