Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

What To Expect When Having Dental Impressions Taken

Kenzi Thompson

Are you having a procedure done at the dentist that requires a dental impression to be taken, such as getting a crown or a night guard? If so, you may want to know what to expect before your dentist gets started.

Bite Registration Taking

Your dentist will likely start by taking an impression of your bite registration, which is where your top and bottom teeth come together. You will usually bite down on a flat piece of wax, which leaves behind an impression of how each tooth lines up in relation to each other. 

Tray Fitting

The next step involves finding the right size tray that fits your mouth for the dental impression. You'll need two separate trays for both the top and bottom of your mouth, and it may take some trial and error in order to find it. Even if you are getting a dental appliance for just the top part of your teeth, impressions of the top and bottom of your mouth will still be necessary to ensure that the dental appliance fits comfortably with your bite.

Impression Material Mixing

It is likely that your dentist will use a dental impression material called alginate, which sets fairly quickly after it is mixed together. You should start relaxing at this point and be prepared for the impression process to start very soon after the mixing is done. The dentist will place the impression material into the tray to prepare it for the mold, and then quickly move on to the next step.

Impression Taking

The dentist will use each impression tray one at a time and will fit each one onto your teeth into the right position. You do not bite down on the tray, but they will hold it in place until it is time to remove the tray. The dentist knows the consistency of what the impression material will feel like when it is time to take it out. They'll then clean up any impression material that is left on your teeth and repeat for the opposite side. 

Cleaning Up and Leaving

At this point, you are done. You will be able to rinse out your mouth and get rid of any residual impression material that was left behind in your mouth. The dentist now has everything that they need in order to make the dental appliance that is necessary. You'll then make an appointment for when you need to return to the dentist's office for the next step.

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