Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

The Role of a Cosmetic Dentist Versus a Cosmetic Lab Technician

Kenzi Thompson

Dental laboratory technicians are the people behind the scenes who create a line of fixed and removable dental products that are necessary for the restoration of patients' smiles. Crowns, bridges, implant materials, and dentures are constructed with milling techniques and 3D technology. Learn how your cosmetic dentist works with a lab team, to provide a patient with custom products.

Working Environments

A cosmetic dentist is supplied with tools and machinery that are used to inspect, clean, and diagnose a patient's condition. A dentist may recommend that a patient receives a bridge or a partial and will prescribe a dental prosthesis that will restore functionality and aesthetics.

The prescription is sent to a dental lab. A lab technician works in a quiet environment and uses a series of specialized equipment to design products that are customized to fit the size and shape of a patient's mouth. Once a prescription has been filled, a lab technician will send out the products that were made and a cosmetic dentist will schedule a follow-up appointment with the patient who will be receiving the prosthesis.

A fitting is necessary and will determine if a partial, a bridge, or another product is comfortable to a patient. The fitting will also allow a recipient to get accustomed to the way that a prosthesis looks and how it will impact their speech or facial movements.

Lab Essentials

Some labs specialize in the production of fixed dental aids and some focus on removable aids. This will necessitate different types of equipment, depending upon the line of products that are being designed. Some essentials that are found in a dental lab include dental furnaces, waxing products, and articulators.

A laboratory technician must maintain a clean, dust-free environment. An air filtration system, a compressor, and a dust collector may be used. These pieces of equipment will ensure that dental products remain clean and dry during production and before being sent to your dentist.

A Consultation

A cosmetic dentist will explain various treatments that will result in whiter teeth and the omission of gaps in your mouth. Many people seek cosmetic services because they would like to restore their smile or because they would like to prevent further decay and more extensive treatment sessions.

When you consult with your dentist, ask about the procedures that will be performed in the office and the role of the dental cosmetic lab technician. By knowing if a lab is located nearby or if a lab technician is responsible for creating a wide range of dental products, you may feel reassured about your choice to use a particular cosmetic dentist for a procedure. 

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