Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

3 Reasons You Need To See An Orthodontist

Kenzi Thompson

Most people are more familiar with their dentist than with an orthodontist. Some people may not even be aware of exactly what an orthodontist does or who they are able to help. The fact is, however, that an orthodontist serves an invaluable role when it comes to dental health. Keep reading below for just three instances in which you should ask your dentist to recommend an orthodontist who can help.

Teeth Straightening

People who would like to have their teeth straightened should see an orthodontist as soon as possible. Teeth straightening is likely the most common procedure performed by orthodontists, as misaligned teeth affect people of all ages. The most commonly recommended solution is braces, which are known to reliably straighten out teeth over the course of months or years. While they often represent a significant investment of money and time, the perfectly straight teeth they produce often result in a dramatic boost in confidence and self-esteem.


Irrespective of the food they have recently eaten, it is not uncommon for some people to complain about persistent soreness of the jaw. There are many possible causes for this, and an experienced orthodontist will be more than qualified to identify the one that may be plaguing you. One such example is teeth grinding. This can occur when people are awake and abnormally stressed, but it more frequently occurs during the night, when people are asleep. This can cause a dull pain throughout the next day, leaving the patient unable to focus or eat comfortably.

There may also be an undiagnosed bite issue behind the feeling of soreness. There are many types of misaligned bites an orthodontist can identify, including overbites and underbites. Both of these can cause chronic pain if not treated for long periods of time. While some people may be more concerned with how a misaligned bite affects their appearance, the truth is that a misaligned bite also causes very real consequences related to dental health and physical well-being.

Gum Health

Often, another issue that most people associate only with appearance — namely, crowded teeth — can affect you physically if gone untreated. Having crowded teeth can make certain parts of your gums difficult to clean, which in turn can lead to serious health problems, dental and otherwise. An orthodontist can take steps to ensure that your teeth are less crowded than they should be, be it through braces or careful tooth removal. 


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