Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Are You The Main Caregiver In Your Family? 4 Ways Dental Implants Make Senior Care Easier For Everyone

Kenzi Thompson

Senior dental health problems can impact their ability to eat their favorite foods and feel confident while smiling. Over the years, tooth and gum damage adds up, and your loved one might have lost a tooth or more by the time they reached their senior years. Replacing missing teeth has a wealth of benefits for improving a senior's life, yet the type of tooth replacement they choose can also impact your ability to do your best as a caregiver. As you work with your loved one's dentist to plan for their tooth replacement, it might help to keep these benefits of dental implants in mind for improving how well you can care for your loved one.

Simplify Your Loved One's Dental Hygiene Routine

Your loved one may already struggle with their oral hygiene routine. You might need to remind them of each step, and you could even be assisting with the actual brushing and flossing of their teeth. Removable dentures can add extra steps to their daily routine since they'll need to take them out of their mouth and soak them according to their dentist's recommendations. Fixed implants eliminate these extra steps since you can brush them just like you would a natural tooth.

Make Packing for Overnight Hospital Stays Easier

Wearing dentures can add a few complications to hospital stays. Your loved one may need to remove their dentures before certain procedures and to sleep at night. This increases the chances of them getting lost, and you'll need to be sure to bring all of your loved one's extra hygiene supplies to the hospital. Dental implants can stay in your loved one's mouth, which makes it easier to pack for their stay and avoid a catastrophic loss of their replacement teeth.

Improve Planning and Serving Your Loved One's Meals

Today's removable dentures are designed to better stay in your loved one's mouth, but they can still move around. Your loved one may also prefer to avoid sticky or crunchy foods if they are afraid of their dentures falling out. Switching to implants can make it easier to plan nutritious meals that your loved one is comfortable eating.

Prevent Common Denture-Related Oral Health Problems

Dentures that slip around can cause lesions to form on your loved one's gums and inner cheeks. Implants are designed to fit more like the natural tooth that your loved one lost so that this type of uncomfortable injury is less likely to happen. Being able to avoid additional treatments improves your loved one's quality of life and gives you more time to enjoy doing your favorite activities together.

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