Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

3 Reasons To Get Mini Implants

Kenzi Thompson

Did you recently lose a tooth and are wondering what to do about it? There are several dental procedures to help you replace missing teeth. However, of the available procedures, dental implants are preferred, with 3 million Americans recorded to have dental implants. There are two types of implants—traditional and mini. Here are three reasons to get mini implants.

They Are Small and Affordable

Before seeking any dental procedure, price is an essential factor to consider. Mini implants offer an affordable tooth replacement option. The cost-effectiveness offers an accessible option for anyone looking to get dental restoration. Besides, they don't need follow-up visits like regular implants would. These implants are comfortable and offer permanent results.

As the name suggests, mini implants are smaller compared to regular implants. Therefore, they don't need too much bone mass, making it suitable for patients who couldn't get standard implants. Standard implants need more bone density for support. Since these implants require less bone mass, your dentist won't need to perform a bone grafting procedure as is done when getting traditional implants. Additionally, the small size makes it easy to recover after the procedure.

Less Invasive Procedure

Another advantage of these implants is the less invasive procedure—you don't need to undergo major dental surgery. The procedure doesn't require bone grafting and is relatively short. The dentist will place the implant anchors on your jaw during the procedure. It is less traumatic on the jawbone, making it easy to heal. Additionally, a less invasive procedure means minimal risk of complications.

Mini implants also offer a firmer denture fit and allow for customization where the dentist can alter the implant to fit your current denture. The results can be seen immediately after the procedure.

Convenient and Suitable for Everyone

Anyone, including those with little jawbone mass, can get mini implants. Therefore, you can still qualify for mini implants if you did not make a good candidate for traditional implants or lost your jawbone density due to injury, trauma, decay, or other conditions like osteoporosis.

They are convenient for everyone, including elderly patients. Mini implants offer less disturbance and discomfort during and after the procedure. Since you can get the mini-implant in one appointment, it is convenient.

Schedule Your Procedure Today

Despite having an impressive success rate, mini implants are only effective when done by a professional. Talk to your dentist to determine if you need a mini or standard dental implant and to schedule your procedure.


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