Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Opting For Dental Implants To Replace Your Missing Teeth

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Whenever a patient is suffering from a missing tooth, there are many replacement options that will be available to them. Dental implants are one of the more popular tooth replacement options due to them being a dependable and discrete replacement solution. When a person first loses a tooth, they may not be aware of this option, but learning about this option may make it a very attractive solution for your needs.

Dental Implant Surgery Is Not As Painful As Individuals Frequently Assume

It is important for patients to appreciate that a dental implant procedure is not likely to be as painful or uncomfortable as a person may first assume. The use of topical, injectable, and even gas anesthetics can help to lessen the pain that a patient feels during the placement of the implant. Additionally, advances in the equipment and techniques that are used in this procedure have resulted in modern implant placement procedures being far less likely to cause significant discomfort to a patient.

There Are Steps Patients Need To Follow During Their Recovery

The recovery process for a dental implant can take a long time to complete due to the slow rate of jaw bone tissue bonding to the implant. During this process, the patient will need to be sure that they are following some best practices when it comes to avoiding potential complications or other issues with their new implant. At a minimum, the site of the implant should be kept as clean as possible so that the risk of an infection developing is minimized. To this end, the dentist that placed the implant is likely to issue a prescription mouthwash that can neutralize the bacteria to keep the implant site sanitized. Additionally, a patient will want to be mindful when they are chewing to avoid disturbing the implant as this should greatly slow the recovery process.

There Are Options For Patients That Are Missing Many Of Their Teeth

Some patients will have had the bad fortune of losing multiple teeth. While it is possible to replace multiple teeth with implants, this can become costly for patients that are missing many of their teeth. Combining dental implants with bridges can be an option that will reduce the costs of replacing all of the missing teeth while still providing acceptable results for the patient. An initial assessment can allow the particular teeth that are missing to be assessed so the most efficient and effective option for restoring the patient's mouth can be identified.

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