Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Two Questions About When You Should Be Flossing

Kenzi Thompson

Have you ever stopped to think about whether the timing of when you floss your teeth matters? It can actually make a difference when caring for your oral health. That's why it's important to know the answer to these two questions.

Does It Matter When You Floss Your Teeth?

Everyone knows how important it is to floss your teeth every single day, but does it matter at what time of day you do it? If you were to ask your dentist, they'll likely be happy that you're flossing daily in general and tell you that's good enough. However, there is some oral hygiene logic that can help answer your question in a more satisfactory way.

If you only take one thing away about when you floss your teeth, know that doing it consistently at the same time is going to be best for the health of your teeth. That is because you really want to limit the amount of time that the plaque is sitting on your teeth, which gives it the chance to harden into tartar. If you floss in the morning on one day and then at night the next, you're giving that plaque an extra 16 hours to harden into plaque, which makes it more likely to happen. Stick to the routine that works best for you.

However, you're probably still wondering if the morning or night is the better time to floss if you had to pick between the two. A nighttime flossing routine is going to be best for your oral health because it's right before you go to sleep and your mouth remains closed all night long. This is when bacteria is more likely to grow and why you have bad breath in the morning.

Does It Matter If You Brush Or Floss Your Teeth First?

There is an order that is going to work best when brushing and flossing your teeth. The ideal order is to brush first and floss second. This order is going to help make flossing easier because the toothbrush is going to loosen all of the plaque that it can get between the surfaces of your teeth and get them out of your mouth. You will then follow up with flossing.

Is it bad for your teeth to floss before you brush? Not at all, but be aware that you are likely spending time removing more plaque that your toothbrush would normally remove.

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