Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

5 Non-Surgical Ways To Look Younger

Kenzi Thompson

While age is just a number, there's no denying that modern society is a very visual one that values youth and vitality. Some people are blessed with genetics that keep them looking and feeling younger than their years, while others tend to look even older than their biological age. If the latter describes you, consider these five non-invasive, non-surgical ways to look (and feel) younger:

1. Omega-3s, Antioxidants and Lifestyle Choices

Youthful energy radiates from within. Your lifestyle can support a youthful appearance, or age you prematurely. Don't smoke, watch your stress levels and have alcohol only in moderation. Opt for a diet that's rich in antioxidants: blueberries, brightly-colored vegetables and leafy greens can all contribute to a more youthful glow, as can eating oil fish several times per week or taking a daily fish oil supplement.

2. Botox

It isn't for everyone, but its popularity can't be denied; Botox is the most-received cosmetic procedure in the U.S. Botulinum neurotoxin is injected into the face to relax facial muscles and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. Done well, the result is a more youthful and fresh appearance. However, one treatment doesn't do the trick; for ongoing results, Botox injections will be required every few months.

3. Covering Gray Hair

The appearance of gray hair can cause a person to look at least ten years older. While hair dyes of the past were loaded with chemicals, today there are organic hair coloring options that are far less harsh than ammonia-based products.

4. Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry

Stained, yellowed and chipped teeth also have an aging effect. If you're a coffee, cola or red wine drinker, your teeth can look older than you do. General dentistry (such as that provided by Barnstable Dental Associates) offers a number of non-surgical procedures that can dramatically improve your smile. From professional teeth whitening to porcelain veneers to bonding cracks and chips, these procedures are non-invasive and can bring stunning results. Dentists can help bring confidence to your smile and take years off your perceived age.

5. Stress Management and a Positive Attitude

When it comes to looking and feeling younger, attitude counts. People who find things to feel grateful for each day tend to be less stressed and have fewer wrinkles and worry lines. Stay positive, keep stress levels in check, and you'll naturally look and feel younger.

No matter what your age, a younger look is within reach. Use these five non-surgical methods for looking and feeling your best.  


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