Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Scared Of The Dentist But Hate Your Scary Smile? Minimally Invasive Procedures You Can Explore

Kenzi Thompson

If you hate your smile but you hate the dentist's chair even more, you can feel limited in the things you can do to improve the condition of your teeth. If your goal is a whiter, straighter smile, you're in luck. There are some minimally invasive procedures you can possibly explore to help you get closer to your dream smile.

Dental inlays or onlays

If you have a cracked or damaged tooth that needs repair, an inlay or onlay can be placed on your tooth to repair and strengthen it. Unlike a crown, which requires the removal of most of your tooth in order to cap it, inlays and onlays are placed on top of the damaged tooth, which reduces further injury to the affected area. An inlay lays between the cusp of your teeth, while an onlay is placed over the entire tooth to protect the complete eating surface of the tooth.

Your dentist can help you decide which procedure is right for you. The result is a normal-looking and functioning tooth that does not require drilling into your tender root structure.

Dental implants

Missing teeth can be repaired with a dental implant. An implant is a permanently placed tooth that is applied surgically to the gums via special dental screws. A great alternative to dentures, this process can be completed in a few dental visits, and requires little downtime. If you have a missing tooth, see if your gums are in healthy condition for a dental implant to fix this issue for good, and give you a normal smile you can love.

Tooth reshaping

If you hate your crooked smile but don't want to suffer through braces, tooth reshaping may be an option for you. Using special buffing tools, your dentist can buff away the sharp edges and uneven contours of your enamel. Since only the outer area of the tooth is affected, the procedure is painless and requires no sedation or anesthesia. You can achieve a more even smile and smoother teeth with tooth reshaping. Ask your dentist if your teeth have enough healthy enamel on them to undergo this beneficial procedure.

Going to the dentist to repair your uneven smile can be rough, but there are many procedures available that are minimally invasive. Ask your dentist which cosmetic dentistry procedures will work best for you, and you will be amazed at the great smile you can achieve.


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