Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Denture Adhesives

Kenzi Thompson

For people getting dentures for the first time, a common concern that they have is if they should start using denture adhesives. While adhesives are not always required at first, the need for it may be more apparent as time goes on. When you are having difficulty making a decision, consider the advantages and disadvantages of using denture adhesives.


It's common to use denture adhesives when dentures aren't fitting properly. Over the years, dentures tend to cause your gums and any remaining teeth to shift slightly. The result will be dentures that no longer fit like they did when they were brand new. While a denturist can make adjustments to your dentures, you should use dental adhesives until you find time to get adjustments made.

You'll noticed improved comfort, since the dentures will rest firmly on your gums. It will make you feel as if you are not even wearing dentures, and your mouth treats them more like real teeth, causing fewer problems with irritated gums.

Eating will be much easier, since your dentures will no longer be loose and slide inside your mouth when chewing. The adhesive will keep the dentures in place, even when putting pressure on them to chew. Speech will be improved as well, since the dentures will not move when placing pressure on your teeth with your tongue to form words.

You'll also be protected from mouth sores, since the rubbing of your dentures can cause them to form, potentially leading to an infection.


Denture adhesives may provide various benefits, but there is still a reluctance to use them for a few reasons. One disadvantage is that denture wearers do not like the mess that they can make. Using too much of the adhesive can cause it to ooze out from underneath the dentures once they are put in the mouth.

The zinc used in some adhesives can cause health risks, such as nerve damage in the feet and hands. Thankfully, this can be avoided by using an adhesive that does not contain zinc, but you'll need to read the labels carefully to find one.

If you don't clean off the denture adhesives at the end of each day, it can cause bacteria to form on them. This can cause you to develop issues with gum disease, causing any remaining teeth to form decay.

Not sure if denture adhesives are right for you? Schedule a consultation with your dentist or denturist to find out more information.


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