Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

3 Of The Most Common Causes Of A Child's Broken Tooth

Kenzi Thompson

You do what you can to ensure your children have a healthy smile as a parent, but sometimes, a sudden dental incident can catch you completely off guard and you will be left looking for an emergency dentist. While there are always going to be unexpected accidents and unavoidable consequences when it comes to children, it can be helpful to get familiar with the usual causes of a broken tooth. Knowing how to avoid certain situations that can lead to a broken tooth can definitely help you avoid the problem with your own children. Take a quick look at three of the most common causes at play when children sustain a broken tooth.

The child puts too much stress on the tooth when chewing hard candy.

There are good reasons why a pediatric dentist, such as, will usually warn you that hard candy is no good for your child's teeth, and the reasons are not always relative to tooth decay. Hard candy, such as jawbreakers, lollipops, and other sugary treats with a hard exterior can easily damage the enamel of a tooth and cause it to break. Some kids will get a little carried away when they have hard candy and chomp away at it until it is gone, which can definitely lead to breakage in some cases. If you do give your child hard candy, make sure they know to allow the candy to slowly dissolve instead of biting on it.

A child falls against a hard surface and hits their tooth during rough play.

It can definitely be hard to keep an energy-filled youngster still, bit at least try to ensure they have a safe play to play when they are a little rambunctious. It is not at all uncommon for a child to be playing rough or wrestling around with another child and inadvertently hit their mouth on a piece of furniture, a concrete walkway, or other hard surface. Therefore, try to keep the most vigorous play actions reserved for safe places, like an open area in the house or in the yard.

The child gets hit in the mouth by a flying object, like a toy or piece of sports equipment.

Some sports require kids to wear helmets and mouthguards during play and practice, such as football. This is because if your child gets hit in the mouth with a flying object, it can definitely cause a broken or chipped tooth. To avoid these issues, make sure your child wears a mouth guard, helmet, or whatever else is necessary to protect their face and smile when they are playing sports or games that involve throwing objects.



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