Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

Why Some Dental Work Involves A Dental Lab

Kenzi Thompson

When you need to have dental work done, lots of the work you have done gets processed through or in a dental lab. A dental lab can be used for a lot of things, including aiding in creating dentures and other things.

Your dental work can be halted or have to occur in several sessions in order to allow the work in the dental lab to be done. Here are reasons why some dental work involves the lab.

You're being fitted for new crowns or alternative teeth 

As mentioned above, if you need to get dentures, you have to have the replacement teeth sent to the lab to be created so they can be fitted to you. You are unable to have these replacement teeth created on-site. If you are getting a new dental crown or cap that will reshape your tooth, you may not be able to have this done in the dentist's chair. You will have to have your posts and original dental work done, then get fitted for the replacement teeth and crowns after they have been created in the lab.

You're having dental posts put in

A dental post is also referred to as an abutment and they need to be created in a dental lab. Luckily, these can be readily available in the dentist's office all ready to be put in the patient's mouth. However, if a mouth is especially small or you have to have custom abutment posts put in, then you'll have to have them formed at an abutment laboratory. This way, your dental posts will fit in your mouth better and be more comfortable, and also more likely to last longer.

You're having specialty work put in

Any specialty dental work you have done may require you to have some work sent out to a dental lab. The dental lab will help create the custom fixtures and dental apparatuses you need to help you get the most out of your experience.

Keep in mind that just because much of your dental work has to be done in a lab doesn't mean you don't have to have any dental work done at all prior to your dental labs coming in. You can speak to your dentist about your dental work if you're concerned about the number of treatments you'll need. In the end, it's up to you as to how to manage your dental work, so make sure you stay informed and take care of your teeth, even if it will involve more than one treatment or session and a dental lab may be involved.

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