Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

  • Need A Dental Filling? Know The Following 3 Things

    Getting your first dental filling is almost a ritual to go through at some point in your life. That's because 90% of adults have a cavity in one of their permanent teeth. It's a pretty common experience, but if you have never had a cavity you might not know what to expect. You actually have a choice about the kind of material used for your dental filling. Price and life expectancies are usually the deciding factors, but many people make the choice based on color as well.

  • 3 Ways Crooked Teeth Can Impact Your Health

    It's easy to think of crooked or misaligned teeth as a purely cosmetic problem, and not something that can have a serious impact on your overall oral health. And if you're thinking that the only benefit to straightening your teeth is an improved smile, you may be tempted to pass on paying for orthodontic work. However, ignoring your crooked teeth may be a serious mistake. Take a look at some health risks that you can avoid by straightening your smile.

  • Three Bad Habits To Avoid When Wearing Invisible Aligners

    Invisible aligners, sometimes known as clear dental aligners, are wonderful for straightening your teeth without the look of braces. However, they do require a bit more hands-on action from you during the treatment process. This gives you room to develop bad habits that can compromise how well invisible aligners work for you or cause you to have to wear your aligners for a longer period of time. Here's a look at the common bad habits you'll want to avoid:

  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Denture Adhesives

    For people getting dentures for the first time, a common concern that they have is if they should start using denture adhesives. While adhesives are not always required at first, the need for it may be more apparent as time goes on. When you are having difficulty making a decision, consider the advantages and disadvantages of using denture adhesives. Advantages It's common to use denture adhesives when dentures aren't fitting properly.

  • Children's Dental Health: How To Encourage Proper Oral Hygiene

    Getting your children to enjoy bathtime is hard enough, but when it comes to taking good care of their teeth, it can be a daily struggle. However, it is essential that your children learn early on how important it is to take good care of their teeth and gums. Here are some tips for encouraging proper oral hygiene as soon as they get their first teeth.  Make Brushing Teeth Fun

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