Finding A Great Dentist

Finding A Great Dentist

  • A New Parent's Guide To Surviving Teething

    As a new parent, you coddled and cooed with your baby for months until your child became involved with teething. Between three months and twelve months, the process usually begins and progresses with twenty primary teeth sometime later. Symptoms usually show up from three to five days before you will see the baby's first tooth. Don't worry; it won't last forever. Be Aware of the Symptoms As a parent or guardian, you have to know when your baby is teething versus when the bundle of joy just wants to be held in your arms and pampered.

  • Root Canals And Pulpectomies And How They Differ

    A pulpectomy  and a root canal may seem like the same procedures, but there are differences. Here is a bit of information about these endodontic treatments and how they differ: A pulpectomy is usually reserved for kids. When a child has an infected tooth, the infection may be severe enough to necessitate an endodontic treatment. The interior of the tooth, which is called the pulp, may need to be treated or removed. If a substantial portion of the pulp is infected, it is usually necessary to completely remove it.

  • Four Ways To Inspire Kids To Develop Good Oral Hygiene Habits

    Teaching a child to have good oral hygiene at an early age is important. Children do not always find brushing their teeth to be overly exciting, but there are things you can do to inspire them to practice good oral hygiene. The following guide teaches you a few ways to help your child learn how to properly brush their teeth. Plaque Dying Tablets There are chewable tablets available in many natural food stores that dye plaque a bold color so that children can easily see where the plaque is attached to their teeth when they go to brush them.

  • Need A Dental Filling? Know The Following 3 Things

    Getting your first dental filling is almost a ritual to go through at some point in your life. That's because 90% of adults have a cavity in one of their permanent teeth. It's a pretty common experience, but if you have never had a cavity you might not know what to expect. You actually have a choice about the kind of material used for your dental filling. Price and life expectancies are usually the deciding factors, but many people make the choice based on color as well.

  • 3 Ways Crooked Teeth Can Impact Your Health

    It's easy to think of crooked or misaligned teeth as a purely cosmetic problem, and not something that can have a serious impact on your overall oral health. And if you're thinking that the only benefit to straightening your teeth is an improved smile, you may be tempted to pass on paying for orthodontic work. However, ignoring your crooked teeth may be a serious mistake. Take a look at some health risks that you can avoid by straightening your smile.

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Finding A Great Dentist

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